If you were given the exact roadmap you need to build your business and leverage social media to find your ideal clients...


Private coaching

here’s how we can work together:

Group coaching

Unleash Your Business Potential with a customised-for-you plan and my personal guidance every step of the way

This is for you if you are...

Struggling to grow your online business and attract the right audience
Feeling like your social media presence is stagnant
Unsure how to balance your core business responsibilities or where to even start
Feeling overwhelmed about how to best market your business
Dreaming of launching a new product or service
Want to create a simple yet effective social media strategy
Are done with playing it safe and ready to seize new opportunities
Unsure about how to get started or what next steps to take

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What you need is a strategy that lets you work smarter, not harder

My coaching programs aren’t large mass programs or general courses. You'll get to be the star of the show.

As your coach, I’ll give you a detailed, customised strategy and structure specifically for you and your business. I'll help you get clear on your direction, reframe your mindset and identify your long-term vision.

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Five coaching calls: we’ll talk through whatever you need, whether it’s your strategy, business, marketing, sales or mindset. 

Personal feedback and support via Voxer: In between our calls, you can always message me for quick check-ins, thoughts, brainstorm, and more

A personalised plan with recommendations, key areas of improvement in your business and strategy for achieving your goals

your tailored 10-week coaching program personally created by me to reach your next-level goal

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When you book, you’ll receive an email confirming your spot and prompting you to choose a start date at your convenience.


You’ll complete an initial on-boarding questionnaire that will allow me to get to know you, your business, your current challenges and your goals so that I’m fully prepared to dive straight in when your start date rolls around.


I’ll check in with you the day before your start date to ensure you’re ready to go and that you have access to my private Voxer channel.

— During our time together:


We’ll identify what’s working, what’s not, and map out an action plan so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed and finally reach the business goals that mean the most to you, whether it’s more time, more freedom, more profit, or all 3


I’ll help you set intentional goals and create a clear, feasible implementation plan. Then I’ll check in to hold you accountable, celebrate your wins, identify areas for improvement and offer any support you need to reach those goals.


Gain the clarity you need through a mixture of text & voice messaging where you’ll receive the expert advice, clarity and breakthroughs you need to make big shifts in your business.

Here’s how it works...

— Before we start:


"The coaching sessions with Susanna have been incredibly beneficial. I transitioned from feeling lost and unsure of where to begin, to having a clear vision and a plan. Even our initial complimentary call was packed with value. Within minutes, she provided insightful advice and prompted me to take actionable steps. Susanna empowered me to move forward and just do it."

"Before working with Susanna, I felt uncertain about how to effectively use Instagram for marketing. After implementing the new strategy she helped me design, I saw remarkable results - and I was fully booked within just 12 weeks! This strategy not only increased my earnings to the highest they've ever been, but it also allowed me to work fewer hours. Now, I'm earning more while working less!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me before my sales call - you gave me the confidence and tools to close the sale on my biggest deal ever, £54k!!"

"Susanna is an enthusiastic coach, who is friendly and reassuring, and to the point. I felt very comfortable discussing my goals and business dreams with her, she is very easy to speak with. I always came out from our calls with a clear plan for the next steps which has been hugely valuable for actually getting my business going and growing. When we first started, I was confused and felt overwhelmed, Susanna helped me clarify my goals and create a clear plan for achieving that. She has amazing insight and is willing to share her knowledge.”

"We had a very useful call and only within a few minutes you had some great advice to offer, and you made me think of ideas that had never occurred for me to try out before"

"Susanna gives you the confidence and belief that you can achieve that desire.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have connected and will seek to continue working together in the future."

Small group coaching

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Imagine how it would feel like...

- to have a clear strategy of what you need to do on instagram in order to grow

- attracting your dream followers every single day

- have the insight, clarity and confidence to stand out on social media

- building a community of engaged followers 

- Planning your content strategy and launches with intention

- crafting an Instagram presence that's high-quality, visually striking, and impeccably branded, setting you apart from the competition.

- a future where you create content in advance, spend less time on Instagram but still multiply your engagement, growth, and overall results.

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